Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pecos Bill...

The boys and I have started reading Pecos Bill: The Greatest Cowboy of all time. It's a rip-roaring tale full of adventure, and the mere fact that Pecos was "raised by coyotes" was enough to stop the boys in their tracks. Could that really happen? Well I suppose anything is possible.... Personally, I drew a parallel between a lack of table-manners and "running wild with the coyotes", but elected to keep that to myself for now. 
The end-of-year class picnic was deemed a "great success" by both boys because "all of the food we took was eaten"!?! Oh and they also had a "heap of fun". And as of 3pm this afternoon it will be full speed ahead into the hols!
Image from Barnes & Noble.

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  1. These last few posts have put a huge smile on my face. This is obviously what I can look forward to as my boys get older. So glad their camp was such a success and this book realy does look super in fact I'll be ordering a copy for a future read with my two.
    Have a gerat weekend Annie with your family.