Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A few things from NZ...

IB people from NZ are in town next week and they've asked if there's anything we'd like. The first three things that occured to me were -
1. Vogel's bread (sadly I don't think they'd get through customs with it).
2. Milo - I've yet to find and American equivalant. If you know of one do tell.
3. Marmite - to go with the Vogel's....

**Newsflash - while searching for an image I think I've found some Milo online!***

Images from Vogel's, Nestle, Marmite.

Mu's photostream...

Mu no
w has a set up on flickr - check it out here!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A couple of bookworms..

We spent a good part of Saturday morning in Powell's Books on Hawthorne. Turtle & Mu spent the entire time in the IT section - no surprises there! We did manage to get a copy of An Awesome Book, and How to be an Explorer of the World, plus A Couple of Boys have the Best Week Ever as well! Our Sunday doesn't bear mentioning. The boys got their 'gear' list for OMSI camp yesterday, and we'll soon be counting down the days.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Legal aliens....

Another warm sunny day. Most of which was spent battling my way through red tape in the never ending quest to get a social security number, and master the banking system. It's one thing being called a 'legal alien'. It's another one to feel well and truly alienated. The good news is that it's Friday and we're looking forward to a potter-y about kind of weekend with nothing much planned. Hope you have a lovely one too!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One girl & a $9 screwdriver...

What a busy few days. Yesterday I spent the morning shifting the 'hired' dining table into Mu's room - and then shifting around all the furniture in his room - in preparation for the delivery of our new table. Sure enough it arrived. But it was securely fastened in a wooden crate! With R away overnight, and not being one to wait, I took it upon myself to open that crate and construct that table. End result - one sore hand from a large angry splinter, one hole in foot from standing on a nail, and one very proud girl with a lovely new table! It's quite amazing what you can do with a $9 screwdriver. Now we just need to find some nice chairs....

Turtle & Mu are prepping for tomorrow's 'hiking training'. Turtle is taking it all very seriously, and has asked that I volunteer to be a driver 'Mom'. I've happily put my name down, but wonder what will happen when it comes to the criminal record check (a school requirement). I mean there was that rather unfortunate incident with the Turkish Ambassador's car not so long ago. Not to mention I have developed a frustrating ability to get well and truly lost. So much so the boys both look thoroughly relieved when I arrive each afternoon to collect them.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One sunny Saturday...

Last Saturday saw us heading west. We drove out to Cannons Beach (quite touristy), then down to Oceanside and Netarts (quite lovely). Lots of breathtaking scenery along the way, quaint little towns with funny little shops, and the prettiest drive back up the Wilson River home.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Scenes from the school run..

I'm not kidding when I say we have the prettiest drive on our school run! Just imagine what it will be like in Fall. Portland is still basking in a late summer and we are feeling more and more settled which is nice.

Mu is over the moon as he finally got his new cyber-shot camera this week after months and months of saving. When he gets home from school I'll see if he'll let me post some of his pics - they're rather cute. R and I went out with a group of IB people last night which was fun - they're all really lovely. Our 'Back-to-School' night was fab. R and I are blown away by the level of schooling here and are so grateful that Turtle and Mu get to experience it. Among the many things their class is learning (piano, Spanish and Ice-skating(!?!)to name a few) they are 'learning' hiking and have a number of trips planned in the lead up to the OMSI camp.

While there are lots of things I miss about New Zealand - clear air anyone? There are many neat things here, eg:
- the little 'one car per green' traffic lights for the motor way on-ramps - so civilised.
- the abundance of green and trees. Oregon has the most amazing scenery.
- the ice cream selection - unbelievable.
- the low-cost of things - food, eating out, furniture and so on.
- the super-friendly people. OK I've met a few rude ones too but overall people are really nice.
- the access to such a diverse range of goods, services, classes.
- and yes the shopping - !

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Indian summer...

We've been having the most glorious warm weather. Everyone seems to be talking about Fall, but I'm quite happy for the temperature to stay how it is - at least for a while. We're feeling quite settled after just a week and are loving our little neighbourhood with all it's old wooden houses and beautiful trees. Turtle & Mu are very relaxed and enjoy wandering the neighbourhood with us in the evenings exploring. They are both enjoying school, and have some fun things coming up like the OMSI camp! Mu bounced out of class the other day and excitedly told me that their class is not only putting together a school newspaper, but they are organising the Fall Festival as well! We have a 'back to school' evening tomorrow so will know more then. And we are hoping to head out to the Oregon coast this weekend to explore.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're here...

After lots of organising, a fair amount of chaos and a few delayed flights we finally arrived in Portland. Tomorrow we will have been here a week! Hard to believe. It's a funny time - in many ways exciting, but at times quite daunting and disorientating. However, our little (well actually quite large) apartment is perfect. And we are slowly making it more 'us' and homely with various bits and bobs. We have the most wonderful views out across the Northwest and all the lovely houses and trees. And can even see Mts Hood and St Helens. R is super duper busy at work, and Turtle & Mu have started school and are full of excitment and news each day when I collect them.

It is still very much summer here - which means the boys and I have made several trips to Cool Moon Icecreams and Jamieson Square. Hard to believe it will soon be winter...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One more day to go....

We are now staying in a hotel, the packers are here, all the utilities will soon be switched off, our dear little cat left for her new home last Friday, we've had our farewells and just about said all our goodbyes and tomorrow night we fly out to start our family adventure.