Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend adventures...

We had a wonderful weekend filled with fun. Friday the boys tried out the local pool and the "cool" water slide. It was high, long and fast! On Saturday we made our second (and successful) trip to the Pearson Air Museum. The highlight was the virtual flight simulator. Turtle crashed a few planes then proudly landed a Cessna at Portland airport. Mu flew a Wright Brothers plane and a Boeing, plus quite a few in between. In other happenings Turtle painted a money box cow that looks suspiciously like a pig but as far as he's concerned it's definitely a cow. Mu was delighted to finally be able to (after lots of saving) buy himself a new watch, and has "decided" he no longer wants a Palm Treo for Christmas. Apparently a 96 pack of Crayola crayons would be "better"!?!? R is home tomorrow - albeit briefly, but it will be nice to see him, and the weather is such that it is now dark at 4.30pm! Ugh!

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  1. It has horns! So it must be a cow. :) (Kate)