Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oregon in 3D...

Turtle has been working away on a 3D map of Oregon - well the main mountain ranges in Oregon. And viola! Here it is in glorious techincolour. Other developments this week - in no particular order -
- our new couch arrived - hurrah.
- I skinned all the knuckles on my right hand - ouch.
- R left on Tuesday for a week in China.
- The boys and I travelled to the Pearson Air Museum only to find it was closed.
- In anticipation of a very wet and cold winter I purchased a pair of wellies and a pair of slippers!
- I sliced a quarter of the way through my left thumb and nail with the bread knife. Nasty.
- Mu announced he'd like a Palm Treo for Christmas, and Turtle chimed in and said he'd like some post-it notes!?!
So a bit of a mixed week - who knows what the weekend will bring. We've decided to make a second attempt on the air museum, and I'm avoiding all sharp implements for now.

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