Sunday, July 26, 2009

Books, books, books....

In Auckland today sorting out visas. I had a great flight up. Well it was great once I was actually on the plane - nothing like being paged and last on. The North Island looked spectacular and I had great views across Mounts Ruapheu and Tongariro. I just love watching the world from high above. All the little valleys with clumps of trees and rivers snaking their way through the landscape. Then as you start to descend you see into backyards, factories and so on. It always reminds me of Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day. Tidying out the boys rooms over the weekend and we rediscovered all our old story books, some which were my grandparents. Among our favourites include:
One Bear at Bedtime - Mick Inkpen.
Badjelly the Witch - Spike Milligan.
Flower Fairies of the Garden - Cicely Mary Barker. (Ok so Turtle & Mu don't rate this - but I was into fairies big time as a child).

A busy few days ahead - Hooray R is back in NZ after a very looong three weeks away. Looking forward to seeing Turtle & Mu this evening!

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