Monday, February 14, 2011

Two kinds of valentines...

To celebrate Valentines Day the boys' class held a card swap. This involved each child taking 18 (yes 18!) handmade, or purchased cards to school. Both boys were adamant they would make the 18 cards, but were equally adamant they
a. did not need (or want) any help
b. had no need for fancy supplies
and perhaps most importantly
c. there would be "no lovey-dovey-girly-whirly hearts and stuff"

So come the weekend mass production began. The end results are rather different to say the least...
Exhibit A:
Individually designed and drawn 'postcards', personalised with fonts, colours and flourishes that Mu thought most appropriate for each child...
Exhibit B:
A more shall we say minimal, modernist approach. Clearly the ummm...simplicity of the hearts ensures they don't register on the "lovey-dovey-girly-whirly" scale.

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  1. Oh oh and oh! Individualised Valentine's Day cards. Just too sweet. Did you just purr while you watched them crafting their masterpieces? Some of my most intensely pleasurable Mother-Moments are when mine are busy at the art table. Thank you for sharing what your Two Lovelies have been up to.