Saturday, October 16, 2010

OMSI Camp...

Bright and early Tuesday morning, equipped with enough gear for a polar expedition, the boys departed for OMSI Camp. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we received regular updates and photos via the teacher's iPhone. Come Friday afternoon two very tired, rather damp, and somewhat grubby boys arrived home, complete with enough sand to fill a bath tub. Aside from the "rustic" cabins, and somewhat "primitive facilities", both boys appear to have enjoyed themselves. And really, who wouldn't? Especially when you get to eat "french toast with peanut butter and jam" for lunch, and lie on your back "cracking open Oreo's to get to the cream, so you know what it's like for an otter to crack open a shell to get to the soft stuff".
Image from here.

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  1. Sounds like great fun! I vaguely recall cutting an orange in half and eating the inside, then mixing up eggs to place inside the orange peel, wrap the whole thing back together in foil and cook it over the fire. Can't recall how well it turned out, but a fond memory nonetheless. Oh, and digging holes in the sand to pour in wax and make our own candles. It's all flooding back now.