Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hoover, Truman & Grandbunny Heffelflopper...

The boys are busy working on their Presidents Project. We've found out all sorts of interesting facts about their Presidents of choice - Hoover and Truman. Turtle has been scandalized after discovering Truman was a KKK member! And when asked why he chose Hoover, Mu replied "because he was renowned for making the Depression great". Turtle choose Truman "because he dropped the atomic bomb on Japan". Clearly going for the dramatic and destructive options. Turtle has "decided" not to include Truman's KKK membership as he doesn't "think people will respond well" when he presents it! We're off for a walk and to take in a viewing of Grandbunny Heffelflopper (in other words we're off to Fred Meyer's for milk and to gaze at the vast array of easter candy, including the giant bunny known as Grandbunny Heffelflopper).

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