Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things have been busy...

I'm a few days behind. We've been super duper busy organising Turtle & Mu's gear for next week's camp. Both boys are beyond excited.

Our weekend was fun - we went to the local farmers market which was brilliant. Lots of yummy organic fruits and vegetables, all kinds of artisan produce, fresh fish, meat, homemade cheese, cakes, and flowers like you wouldn't believe. Sunday saw us head up Mt Hood to Timberline. One word - amazing. The scenery was breathtaking. There was snow on the ground and sprinkled across the trees. R said it was bit like being inside a snow globe! And you could smell the clear air and fresh scent of the trees - sublime! We had lunch at the historic Timberline Lodge. Built in the 1930's it is a wonderful reminder of an era gone by. We can't wait to head back into the hills!

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